Africa’s Gifted Mom: A Life Saving App for Pregnant Women

Statistics by WHO indicates that over 830 women die daily during child bearing in 2015. Of these,  550 deaths occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With the pace of growth and Africa expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2022, the risk associated with child birth is expected to increase.

In Cameroon, Central Africa, bright minds are coming up with technology solutions to reduce mother-t0-child mortality rate.

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Alain Nteff, Co-founder of Gifted Mom App, photocredit:

Alain Nteff, a 24 year old engineer designed an app to provide pregnant women; especially those in rural communities with antenatal information. His vision is to mitigate the incidence of early death among newborn and mothers.

Alain came up with the idea after he visited a friend,  who is a medical doctor.

During his visit, Alain observed mothers and new-born die easily in Cameroon from complications that could have been prevented with proper antenatal care.

Working in conjunction with his medical doctor friend: they began brainstorming, sharing their skills and wrestled with the problem until they got a solution.

Their game plan was the Gifted Mom software, a health app that provides automated SMS alerts to subscribers. It enables pregnant women track their antenatal care schedule.

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A Screenshot of Gifted Mom App. Photocredit:

To subscribe to this platform, all the users need to do is text mom to 8006. A home-grown solution to a persistent health need.

The platform sends notifications about pregnancy related facts. It also allows women to ask questions about their condition and provides answers to those questions.

Gifted mom currently employs about six people and works with at least 15 hospitals. It has thousands of subscribers from Cameroon’s suburbs.

Realizing the potential of this platform in preventing childbirth related deaths, two big brands, Nestlé and Lenovo, are currently sponsors of Gifted Mom.

The Corporate sponsorship includes provision of computers to Gifted Mom, which would be used to create kiosks in hospitals.

It is the founders’ vision to provide quality health care services across Cameroon and beyond. Africa’s health is on the horizon.




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