Just how many times have people attributed their current condition to the death of either one of their parents or both. When we are not comfortable with our current position, we are quick to blame someone else.

Is it true then that all successful people in life have had very smooth beginnings? Is it true that all successfuindex 1l people have not befallen to one ugly circumstance or the other?

Meet Chris kirubi, a Kenyan business man who is involved in real estate among other business.

Chris was born in Kenya to a very poor family. As that was not enough, he lost both parents at a very tender age and had to resort to working during the holidays to carter for his needs and those of his siblings.

Chris kirubi said that working early gave him the experience which he built his business on. It gave him confidence, discipline, taught him time management and transparency.

With the salary he earned, Chris saw himself through school. After graduation from high school, he worked as a salesman for Shell Corporation, selling and repairing gas cylinders. Kirubi earned very little from this employment, which according to him was not enough to buy anyone dinner.

After graduation from the university, Chris worked in the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry and government. In 1960 Chris secured a job with Kentaco, a Kenyan owned transportation company as an administrator.

Chris breakthrough came in 1971 when he began buying dilapidated buildings in Nairobi, renovating them and selling them for profits. He also began acquiring strategic pieces of land in Nairobi and began to erect residential and commercial properties using loans from Kenyan financial institution. At the end of the constructions f the building, he puts them out for rent.

His property management company, international house limited (IHL), own and manages various residential and commercial buildings in Nairobi.

From the real estate business, Chris diversified into other enterprises. Kirubi is the chairman and a shareholder of Haco Tiger Brands (a joint venture with Tiger Brands SA, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange).

He is also CEO of Capital FM and holds large equity stakes in Nairobi Stock Exchange listed investment firm  index 2CentumUAP Insurance and the Kenyan franchise of DHL. Furthermore, he is a shareholder in Nairobi Bottlers, a bottling franchise for Coca-Cola.

Chris who said that determination, focus and self believe was responsible fro his change in status – orphan to billionaire- declared that not all his endeavors were successful. Chris involved himself in the paint business which didn’t turn out fine but he learnt from it and moved on

Chris could be defined as humility personified as he is still a dj at his radio station despite his status and position.  Chris maintains that his biggest success is transiting from poverty to become a job creator, providing opportunities for other people

So what is your story?



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