From Being Bullied to A Fashion Icon: The Story of11 year old Fashion Designer

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Ify recieving a resouding applause as she walked down the runway of the 2016 NYFW, photo credit:

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it.

This is the case of Nigeria’s 10 year old fashion designer, Ify Ufele, who established a Fashion Design Outfit for female wears. Her venture into fashion business began because she was bullied in school for being over-weight.

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Ify working on some of her designs, photo credit:

Ify Ufele was born in 2005 to Nigerian parents in the United States. This is the designer behind Chibulline fashion outfit.

 Typical with African family tradition, Ify grew up around an extended family, picking up different skills as she grew. She learned tailoring from her grandmother at the age of seven and fashion designing from her older sibling. Her elder sister is a fashion designer.

At a tender young age, Ify began practicing how to sew material using dolls as models.

However, Ify had a health challenge. She was born asthmatic. Her condition made doctors place her on steroids as a way to checkmate her condition and prevent a severe health crisis.

The steroid treatment had a downside on Ify.  It made her put on weight.

Image result for ify ufele cloth designs

Some of ify’s clothing designs, photo credit: www.rejectedprincesses.comAt school, Ify was consistently being bullied by her class mates for

She was called various names and sometimes had her lunch thrown on the floor by fellow kids.

Ify was hurt, but that did not deter her. She decided to follow her mother’s advice and channel the negative feelings into a positive attitude.

Ify went home, brought out grandmothers sewing machine and started Chibulline fashion outfit. Using African prints, she began creating wears for plus size kids particularly females.

Ify doubles as the CEO of bully chasers inc, an organization dedicated to creating awareness about bullying and gun violence has as her motto, ”no child should feel bad about how they look”

At such young age, Ify and her fashion outfit debuted at the February 2016 New York fashion week, a feat achieved by only few professionals in the fashion industry.

If that is not inspiring, I wonder what is.




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