How Everyday People are Fighting Cancer Using Ancient Tradition: Natural Plants are 21st Century Wonder Drugs

Eating medicinal herbs is attributed to helping ancient African tribes combat diseases. Photocredit:

Abnormal uncontrolled growth of cells remains one of the nagging health challenges in 21st century. It has helped trigger the modern day cancer problem affecting millions of people every year around the world.

Medical experts have come up with technological advanced therapy for tackling cancer. They include radiation and chemotherapy among others. But the two treatments come with their troubling side effects.

Chemo drugs are known to poison the human body lowering immune system allowing for damaging opportunistic infection. Radiation burns the skin leaving often charred body surface.

It irradiates a patient in very uncomfortable ways. Radiation and chemotherapy have been known to damage healthy cells during  treatment. In some cases, cancer patients are known to have relapses and spiral into life threatening health conditions.

This side effects have prompted the search for less harmful cancer medicine.

The race is on for wonder drugs, including synthetic material or natural occurring substances. Remarkably, for ages, plant materials including roots, herbs and fruits have been known to hold enormous therapeutic value.

The so called natural wonder remedies that can take down diseases.

And it appears alternative medicine is yielding positive results across the world. In recent times, many ex-cancer patients testify to the efficacy of plant extracts.

Mary Taft from California is one of those testifiers.  Diagnosed with cancer of the kidney in 2001, Taft underwent a surgery to remove the affected kidney.Taft was diagnosed with bladder cancer in August, after which he underwent further treatments, one of which included a six weeks BCG Liver therapy.

Image result for chia seeds

Chia seed is widely seen to have therapeutic ingredients for cancer treatment

However, by the end of the six weeks, the doctors had discovered additional tumors in his bladder.

The modern hospital therapy was a total failure.

Taft left the hospital for a 21 day alternative treatments in Mexico. Taft was giving IV’s consisting of natural fruits, herbs and roots, at the end of which his tumor marker dropped to 75%. Interestingly, within 30 days, the tumors in Taft’s bladder where totally gone.

In Africa, cancer drugs can be very expensive. But traditional herbs and fruits suitable for fighting cancer are making a comeback. They have been there for thousands of years. A variety of plants can make a huge difference.

Local tribesmen say our ancestors used herbs. They were at home to natural plants and the nutrition they produce. A Nigerian woman, Mrs. Chinyere Ogochukwu (not her real name), who struggled with cancer shared her survivor story.

Her search for medical answers presents a fascinating narrative about the power of natural plant extracts. In 2015, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

She had observed how once vibrant cancer patients quickly deteriorate to vegetative state when they receive chemotherapy.Mrs Ogochukwu decided chemo drugs and radiation therapy was not for her. She took a leap of faith asking God for guidance. She wrestled with the problem until she had a plan.

She theorized that a natural solution could be out there.  But it will take some research to find effective natural plants strong against breast cancer. Her goal was to assemble a list of  naturally occurring plants known to have anti-cancer properties and try them out.

Image result for soursop

Sour-sop fruit is widely consumed in Africa, Photocredit: www.platinumsoursopgraviola.netgoal was to gather all the medically known plants including fruits, herbs and plant materials like root and tree bark that could be effective against stubborn tumor.

She said, ‘I had to ask questions. I searched the internet for health materials. Searched for local medicinal plants and I found something I could try.’

According to Mrs. Ogochukwu, she developed a set of vegetarian-like recipe that quickened her healing. This is how she did it, a step by step guide to what helped cure her breast cancer:

  1. Pour one spoon of chia seed in a cup of water and drink once a day.
  2. Take 15 leaves from a soursop plant. Wash and put in a pot. Add 3 cups of water and heat until the water dries to about just a cup. Divide the remaining water left in the pot into three parts. Drink one part in the morning, another part in the afternoon and the last part in the evening.
  3. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of honey. Take the mixture morning and night for 3 weeks.
  4. Cut wonderful kolanut into small pieces and soak in a bottle of water. Leave it to stand for 2 days and start drinking.
  5. Pour one cap of apple cider vinegar plus one cup of baking soda into your bathing water.
  6. Take 5 lemons, a handful of garlic and a handful of ginger.
  7. Slice the lemon along with its bark, peel the garlic and ginger, then blend all together. Filter and pour into a 5ocl bottle. Drink one bottle morning and night.
  8. Make tiger nuts into a concentrated drink. Drink as often as possible.
 Her recipe may appear naive to a trained medical expert and not scientifically tested.
But we easily forget that modern medicine is still in its infancy. And that for thousands of years human civilizations turned to ingenious tools to combat diseases, and natural plant extracts played a key role.
As she told us her remarkable story, it is easy to see the light in her eyes.  She had been one of the sick, frightened women that had managed to fight back cancer in a country like Nigeria. She achieved without using chemotherapy or radiation.
As a cancer survivor, she had began helping severely impaired cancer patient fight back.
She said ‘one of my friend had cancer, though she is secretive about it, but she moved from a sick and troubled person to a vibrant and self assured woman. It worked, those natural plants.’
Its not scientifically tested. But at least it is reassuring.

Alternative cancer treatment will continue to make in road. For one, it is completely natural and cost effective. It could give people in some of the world’s most vulnerable region a fighting chance. It is rooted in the belief that fruits and herbs can make a difference. It is an ancient African tradition.

But because of all the advancement in modern medicine, we sometimes forget that science has not got all the answers. It could well be that to combat global health challenges today, a  combination of ancient and modern techniques need be applied. Lets pray that heaven open her doors.



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