Although the earliest settlers were the Nok people around 3000 BC, the city of Jos was established in 19152623 as a tin transportation camp with an intricate history and fabulous sightings.

The city originally named ‘Gwosh’ but wrongly pronounced as ‘Jos’ by the Hausa immigrants who settled there and traded on the site located in north central Nigeria.

It is bordered by Kaduna state to the north; Kaduna and Nasarawa states to the East, Benue to the South, and Taraba states to the East.

A drive from Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital territory covers approximately 117 miles.

Discovery of tin and its mining brought Jos into the limelight.2853986_josriyomrockformationplateaustate460x250_jpegc3d68e11d96a5097953b88f9197c6acf

Tin mining led to the influx of migrants mostly Igbos, Yorubas, and Europeans into Jos. The mixture of race, ethnicity and religion makes Jos one of the most multicultural cities in Nigeria.

Located on the plateau, the city of Jos is elevated to an altitude of 4,062 feet high above sea level.

Little wonder the city has a reduced incidence of diseases such as malaria which is predominant in the tropics. So if you’re considering selling anti malaria drugs in Jos, you might want to think again.2619

The topography of Jos is characterized by impressive ridges and isolated rocky hills separated by extensive plains. Several rivers and hills are interspersed among the highlands giving the landscape remarkable scenery.

Many rivers in northern Nigeria such as the Kaduna River, Gongola River, Hadejia River as well as the Yobe River take their source from the Jos plateau.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the city of Jos is the weather. At such high altitude, the city of Jos enjoys a more temperate climate unlike any other region in Nigeria, similar to that obtainable in Europe and other temperate climate of the world.2620

The city of Jos experiences temperature range of about 20-260c from November to late January with night time temperature dropping as low as 110c coupled with the occasional falling of hail during the rainy season. All these are pointers to just how cold the city of Jos can be. Little wonder early European expatriates were able to make it their home.

When next you are considering a vacation holiday in Nigeria, you could do well to put Jos on the list.



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