Kilimanjaro, Africa’s Mountain of Greatness

On the Tanzanian highlands near Kenya, lies one of the most admired mountains in Africa, Kilimanjaro. It is Africa’s tallest mountain and attracts many climbers and some of the world’s leading mountaineers every year.

It is one of a kind geographic hotspot having five different climate zones namely Rainforest,Heath , MoorelMachame Big 2and, Alpine desert and Arctic.

The rainforest climate is lush green year round. It has thick woodlands with tall trees. Some of the rarest species, plants and animals, live in this area. It is an impressive jungle. It’s in this vast forest that you will start your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Heath is a remote grass land, less humid than the rainforest. It is home to a unique group of tree lichens and fields of grassy vegetation.

The moorland boasts distinct plant life, such as wild flowers including the rare-looking giant groundsels that stand in the open highlands.

It has been said that a Kilimanjaro climb is like traveling across many countries with distinct climWe are heading to the summit..., no, not quite, but to Lava Tower. From left, Joseph, Yuki, Natalie, Matt and August.ate from the equator to the North Pole.

As you climb higher, the alpine desert comes alive with its rocky surfaces. Alpine is dry and cold. It barely rains in this area all year. From tiny stones to large rocks, this is one of the most unique places on the planet. Kilimanjaro’s alpine desert has been compared to the surface of the moon.

Close to the top of Kilimanjaro, you explore the freezing condition of the arctic. It is a region of ice and snow that conveys breath-taking scenery. When viewed mid-air, it is impossible not to wonder at the sheer beauty of this tall landscape.

In recent decades, the Arctic climate has being the subject of scientific expedition. Many in the science community believe that the glaciers, large pack of slowly moving snow, are shrinking at alarming rate. It is a common theme in the climate change debate in Africa and beyond.

In 1889, Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller were recorded to be the first people to ascend the top of Kilabccc90a02203ca4dfeb9b58db1cfceaimanjaro. There had been other climbers who claimed to have reached the summit before 1889. But their claims were not fully substantiated or verified.

Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones namely Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Volcanic conesbring about the funnel-like appearanceof the mountain top. It is one of the leading sight and sound of East Africa.

Revenue from Kilimanjaro national park reaches over $50 million annually. It is an important source of earnings for the locals who serve as tour guide, cook and porters. How does travel change your life?allens-003

Africa has a story. Kilimanjaro provide intimate glimpses into her heritage and landscape. A climbing experience, will take you through five different climate zones to the top.Kilimanjaro is part of Africa’s great experience. God bless Africa.








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