Menial job was my stepping stone to success: the Cosmos Maduka’s Story

Sometime in 2015, I was privileged to attend a Full Gospel Business Men program which had Dr Cosmos Maduka as the guest speaker.COSMAS-MADUKA

The CEO of Coscharis group, one of Nigeria’s leading Motor Company, was invited to tell his story as a way of inspiring  business men whose investments were not working out or were at the verge of giving up.

Dr Cosmos Maduka was born in the town of Nnewi in Anambra state, south-east Nigeria.

At age four, he lost his father and had to sell beans cake, popularly called ‘Akara,’ to support his mother.

At age seven, things got worse and he was withdrawn from school to serve as an apprentice to a maternal uncle in Lagos.

At the popular Oyingbo market in Lagos, people laughed at him, questioning what he could learn at such age. School children while going to school would mock him, telling him that he was working as an apprentice instead of going to school.

He would reply them saying ‘don’t worry, in six years I would be better than you.’ He was so courageous and confident at such tender age.

Cosmos uncle and master in business didn’t have a house. His master was squatting with a friend and as such, young cosmos had to sleep in the store while his uncle locked him in and went home with the key.

Two years later, little cosmos had effectively mastered the trade and even began travelling to purchase goods on behalf of his uncle, putting to shame those who had doubted his ability.

So much was his knowledge about the trade that at age 14, his uncle sent him to oversee one of their branches at Sokoto, and later on at Nnewi, his hometown.

Cosmos maduka was a Christian and had deep faith in the Christendom. He attended Christian camps around him.

During one of his voyage at a camp, his uncle came into town and discovered his absence. Upon cosmos’ arrival, his uncle gave him the sum of ₦200 and asked him to go and concentrate on his new faith.Motoringpix4

This was cosmos’ first encounter with disappointment.

After his dismissal, cosmos rather than giving up teamed up with his elder brother who had just completed his apprenticeship and they set up a company selling motor vehicle spare parts.

The partnership did not last long as they split and cosmos was given #300 as the reward for his troubles.

With the ₦300 as capital, cosmos started going to Lagos to buy goods and transporting them to Nnewi to sell. During one of his trips, he stumbled upon a new product known as motorcycle crash ban.

He bought these and took them back to Nnewi. By the next day, he had sold all of them and went back to buy more. In a week, his ₦300 capital grew to ₦3000, a 100% increase.

Cosmos Maduka went into the business of importation with his N3000 but received the wrong consignment. This led him to serious setback and indebtedness and he was back to ground zero.

He didn’t give up. Maduka resorted to doing menial jobs to fend for himself and his wife. With the proceeds from these jobs, Maduka teamed up with a friend and they set up a company called Cosdave.

Cosdave later fell apart, leading cosmos to set up Coscharis motors.

The big break for Coscharis came in 1982 when the Nigerian government decided to grant import licencoscharis1se to 10 companies and Coscharis was selected.

Today, Coscharis motors has expanded into Coscharis group of companies with investments in automobile, oil and gas, real estates and manufacturing.

Cosmos ended his address by saying “anyone can do any menial job as a stepping stone to whoever you want to be.”

So what is your excuse?



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