Rio Olympic Games: It is not always about Winning

Although 2016 Rio Olympic Games have come and gone, the legacy lingers across the world. While countries and athletes bask in the euphoria of the moment, for some preparation for the next Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 has begun.

Image result for Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D'Agostino

Nikki Hamblin helps Abbey D’agostino rise up during the 5000m qualifying race in the 2016 Rio Olympic. photo credit:

Like many global sporting events,  records times were broken and gifted athletes emerged from the rich display of tradition and gamesmanship.

In the heat, critical lessons have been learned from the conduct of athletes.

For example, the duo of Niki Hamblin from New Zealand and Abbey D’Agnostino from the United States displayed an uncommon trait exhibiting the golden rule: ‘do unto others what you want then to do to you.’

When these ladies competed in the 5000m marathon they displayed a rare spirit of kindness, compassion and selflessness.

They won the fair play award at the game.

Spectators were speech bound. They helped each other at different times in the competitive race.

Although they failed to qualify for the marathon finals, they won the fair play award teaching us a great lesson: that compassion and selflessness triumphs over competition and ambition.



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