SERENGETI HIGHLANDS: For the love of Africa, Explore the Savannah

From northern Tanzania to south-western Kenya, there is a vast collection of forests, rivers and remote grass fields that play host to some of the world’s most exiting wild life. images 0

The Maasai tribe, in Tanzania and Kenya, a warrior community found inspiration in this intact natural reserve and dubbed this geographic region‘endless plains.’ In other words, it is a place where the land runs on forever.

In the local Maasai language, it means ‘Serengit.’

Serengeti has the largest concentration of mammals, animals that breastfeed their young at birth, in the world. Over 70 species of mammals are known to inhabit the vast plains of Serengeti.index 3

Lions parade the woodlands, grasslands and riverine forests. It is the largest geographic concentration of lions on earth.

A summer holiday in Serengeti, will greet you with one of Africa’s most spectacular migration experience. It is for this annual animal migration that Serengeti is regarded one of the leading sight and sound of Africa.

It is generally viewed by experts as one of the Seven Naimagestural Wonders of Africa.

Every year large flocks of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle travel from southern Serengeti in Tanzania to northern Serengeti in Kenya,and back to where they started towards the end of the year.

In search for fresh grass, these animals and their young calves born in the early months of the year, begin the momentous migration fraught with dangers.

Along the migration route, May to July, they swim across river Mara and Grumeti, often in danger of crocodiles lying in wait in the river crossing.

Over 200,000 wildebeest die from fatigue, dehydration, starvation and attacks from predators like crocodiles and lions every year.

Serengeti is the ultimate holiday destination in Africa, with rolling plains home to a spectacular array of wildindex 2life and iconic landmarks including the popular volcanic, granite outcroppings called Kopje.

Lions roam the popular outcroppings dubbed Simba Kopje meaning lion kopje, one of the local attractions for visiting sight-seers. Other beasts that inhabit the plains include Hyenas, buffalos, giraffes, leopards, impalas, warthogs, topi and antelopes.

How does travel change your life?East Africa has got abundant resources, and we can learn a lot about the heritage, culture, people and environment. This means not only building national parks, but the human experience that go hand in hand with the environment, also.images

Africa is in the process of picking up the pieces after decades of colonial rule, wars, famine and uncontrolled government policies.

The new thinking is helping local communities protect their environment today for the future. It is all about sustainable lifestyle.

Helping villagers help themselves while having a decent means of livelihood and then the upkeep of diverse habitats like the Serengeti highlands.

The Maasii tribe may not have traffic lights, tarred roads, electricity and viable commuter vehicles as a result of environmental restrictions and goindex ghvernment neglect.

But Tanzanian and Kenyan government can do more.

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