There is still good in man


Ogbanago Muhammed Ibrahim, photo credit:

Recently, the cyber space was awashed with the story of a Nigerian working with a security outfit and attached to a reputable bank in Nigeria.

Mr Ogbanago Muhammed Ibrahim, a native of Olamabaro in Kogi state, north central Nigeria was in the news for his heroism and act of patriotism.

It happened that a certain customer had come to make withdrawal in the bank. On the way out of the bank premises, a wad of notes containing about $10,000 – about ₦3.5 million- dropped from his hands unknown to him.

The Kogi College of education graduate, while at his duty post saw this money on the ground and returned it to the bank manager.

A lot of recommendations and criticism have trailed this incident. While some people are praising the young man for his act, others are criticizing him for not making use of his ‘opportunity’.

It baffles me how someone else’s misfortune can become an opportunity because according to Mr. Ogbanago, the person who misplaced that money was sent by the company with which he works to withdraw that money on their behalf.


C.E.O of UBA bank, Tony Elumelu shaking hands with Muhammed, photo credit:

While claiming the money, the man broke down in tears, thanking Mr. Ogbanago for not letting him be put to shame.

He claimed that the company he worked for would have put him in jail had the money not been found and this would have affected his family especially the education of 3 of his children in the university.

One would be tempted to say that Mr. Ogbanago could afford to return such money because he was comfortable, but I wonder if squatting with his brother and a monthly salary of ₦30,000 could be termed comfortable.

With the current dwindling economic situation and the price of common commodities skyrocketing like its racing to be the first Nigerian on the moon, one cannot but recognize and respect this young man.

His act of patriotism earned him a meeting with the C.E.O of the bank and other top bank directors where he was acknowledged.


Muhammed after a meeting with the directors of UBA bank, photo credit:

Mr. Ogbanago when asked the reason behind his actions replied that he was a devoted Muslim and that he could not keep what did not belong to him.

He added that he didn’t do it to be rewarded, saying that a good name was better than riches.

In my opinion, despite some recent happenings that tend to prove otherwise, i think there is good in man.



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