UGANDA BUSINESS WOMAN: all eggs in one basket

Do not put all your eggs in one basket is the philosophy, Julian Omalla, uses in business which according to her is responsible for business tremendous growth.

Julian Omalla began working life as an employee of her brother.At the same time,she began saving money to start business as a small trader.

She wanted to go into anew business and so she transferred all her funds to her new business partner in order to purchase goods and he just disappeared.

Julian was devastated. However she did not give up. She started again selling fruits in wheelbarrow. Julian did not stop there.She had a dream. She saved money.She got a food processing certificate.
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She wanted to build a big factory and process fruit drinks. Her training coupled with hands-on experience she got from her mother on local fruit juice production, set Julian on a path to greatness.

Time came for Julian to take her product for testing and registration with the government. She had to convey the product with wheelbarrow because she couldn’t afford the fare.

Government registration is tedious with a lot of regulation, but Julian was determined. She wanted to be in control of her business. This time she did not give up.

Julian juice processing plant was known as Delight Uganda limited and her juice was becoming popular. Capital for expansion became a problem for her as banks could not give her loans without collateral.

And according to Ugandan customs, women don’t inherit from their family; as such she didn’t inherit land or property from her father.

Julian devised a business strategy. She convinced farmers who had lands to grow fruits that her company needs on their farms. She promised to buy them at a fair price. And so she didn’t need the loan again.

From Delight Uganda limited, Julian expanded global food securities, a processing and packaging flour company. A Bakery and confectionery line, poultry farm with 30,000 birds and student hostels are subsidiaries of Delight Uganda limited. Now Delight Uganda limited is worth more than 4 million dollars.images 5

As she reflects on her success, Julian says the thing that gives her most satisfaction is being able to create jobs for Ugandans especially women. Ironically, she says losing everything in those early days turned out to be her best lesson.

Her advice to others who want to succeed in business,‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’

In this African Women business series, we’ve got the low-down on the inspiring story of a Ugandan woman, along with all the local tips and strategies.

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